not ... because の2とおりの解釈とその含意

ティム・ハーフォードの TED講演 ( から:

Now I'm not telling you this story because I think Archie Cochrane is a dude, although Archie Cochrane is a dude.
I'm not even telling you the story because I think we should be running more carefully controlled randomized trials in all aspects of public policy, although I think that would also be completely awesome.

not ... because のかたちで「~だから…しているのではありません」という否定.


どちらも,because 節と同じ内容を although で繰り返している.


not ... because で,理由節が否定されているが,ここには2とおりの解釈の余地がある.1つは,理由節の内容が事実であることの否定.もう1つは,理由節の内容が主節の理由・原因であることの否定.


上記の引用文で付け足されている although の譲歩節は,この理由ではないが事実にはちがいないことを念押ししている.

チラ裏:ピンカー 2011, p.194 についてる註

[n.12] Worst Things People Have Done: White 2010a. See also White, in press, for narratives of the events and more recent estimates. The Web site lists the numbers and sources that went into his estimates.

※White 2010a: (?)

[n.13] An Lushan Revolt: White notes that the figure is controversial. Some historians attribute it to migration or the breakdown of the census; others treat it as credible, because subsistence farmers would have been highly vunerable to a disruption of irrigation infrastructure.

用例あつめ: it goes without saying S で関係節

Mr. Paul identifies himself as a believer in “Austrian” economics — a doctrine that it goes without saying rejects John Maynard Keynes but is almost equally vehement in rejecting the ideas of Milton Friedman.

(出典:Krugman, "G.O.P. Monetary Madness"; 拙訳

Transcript: Take Google Maps Indoors

Throughout history, map-makers have helped us discover where we were and where we were going. But, while it may seem like every corner of the world has been surveryed and charted, navigating the world of indoor spaces can still be somewhat vexing. A map may have you get from your house to the airport, but oftentimes it leaves you at the front door. Many places provide a "You Are Here" directory, but if you don't know where "here" is in relation to "there," you can quickly become lost in elaborate labyrinths of unknown twists and turns. This is why the mapping folks at Google Maps added Indoor Google Maps. Now it's easy to figure out where you are, orient yourself, and even know what floor you're on. Best of all, this feature now appears right within Google Maps on your devices, meaning you can plan your trip the whole way through, and never worry about getting lost in a wrong department again.



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  • 「主観的科学」→「客観的科学」
  • 「認識様態的に主観的」→「認識様態的に客観的」
  • 「主観的領域に関する主観的知識」→「主観的領域に関する客観的知識」

[English] when節の内容が背景ではなくむしろ前景となっている例


An older professor whom Semmelweis admired died quite suddenly after a mishap.
He had been leading a student through an autopsy when the student's knife slipped and cut the professor's finger.
(Superfreakonomics, p.137)


なお,主節が過去完了の形式なのは,直前の文の died よりも前の出来事を表している.これがなければたんに過去進行形をつかうはず.