“Pandas in the mall. The greenest leaflet campaign for WWF”


ハンガリーでは,税金の 1% を慈善団体に寄付できます.WWFの目標は自然保護なので,あるアイディアを考案しました.たいていのキャンペーンとはちがって,できるだけ少ない紙を使うアイディアです.

WWFのチラシを,たった1枚だけ印刷しました.そして2人のボランティアにお願いして,パンダの格好でショッピングモールのエスカレーターの上と下に立ってもらいました.ボランティア1号はチラシをお客さんに渡します.でも,読み終わったあとも,ふつうとちがってチラシはゴミ箱に放り込まれません.どうしてかって? 再利用したからです.ボランティア2号はチラシを返してもらって,逆方向に向かう別のお客さんにそのまま渡したのです.




In Hungary, you can donate 1% of your tax to any charity organization. As WWF's goal is nature conservation, we came up with an idea that, unlike most of the campaign, uses the smallest possible quantity of paper.

We printed a WWF leaflet in only one copy. And we asked two volunteers, disguised as pandas, to stand at the upper and lower ends of the escalator in a shopping mall. Volunteer No.1 gave the leaflet to a consumer. But, after reading, the leaflet didn't end up in a trash as usual. Why? Because we recycled it. Volunteer No.2 took it back and simply gave it to another consumer who was heading in the opposite direction.

Of course, one leaflet and two volunteers don't last forever. So we shot a short video of the activity, and sent it to journalists and bloggers. More and more readers were informed of the message on the internet. And in two weeks we reached approximately 285,142 people with only one leaflet, without any media spending.

If someday all of us can use resources in such an environment-conscious and effective way, then WWF could say they've achieved the main goal.