[book] Lycan (2001) Real Conditionals(ライカン『実在的条件文』)

Lycan, William G. (2001). Real Conditionals. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

1. The Syntax of Conditional Sentences
2. Truth Conditions: The Event Theory
3. Truth Conditions: Reality and Modus Ponens
4. In Defense of Truth Value
5. A Beautiful But False Theory of 'Even if'
6. An Unbeautiful But Less Easily Refutable Theory of 'Even If'
7. The 'Indicative'/'Subjunctive' Distinction
8. The Riverboat Puzzle

  • Appendix: 'Nonconditional Conditionals' (with Michael Geis)
  • Revisionary Postscript on Non-Conditional Conditionals