Chapter 12: HABITS OF MIND [12-11] & [12-12]








The Social Value of Science, Mathematics, and Technology

There is another sense in which values come into play in thinking about the outcomes of the learning process. Quite apart from what scientific values students may adopt for themselves, there is the issue of what students should know and believe about the general social value of those endeavors. Is it necessary that every graduate be convinced of the great value to society of science, mathematics, and technology?

On balance, science, mathematics, and technology have advanced the quality of human existence, and students should become thoughtful supporters of them. But since science itself esteems independent thought so highly, it follows that teachers should not attempt to simply indoctrinate students into becoming uncritical supporters of science. Rather, they should take the position that in achieving the goals recommended in this report, students will end up with balanced views of the value of science, mathematics, and technology, and not be either uncritically positive or antagonistic